Issue and Options 2023

Ended on the 6 March 2023

3. Vision and Strategic Objectives – South Warwickshire in 2050

Chapter 3 considers the Vision and Objectives of the SWLP. This Vision is the high-level goal that the plan is seeking to achieve, with the guiding principles for how this will be achieved. The objectives provide greater detail around how the Vision will be delivered.

Issue V1: Vision for the Local Plan

The Scoping Consultation put forward a Vision and Strategic Objectives for the South Warwickshire Local Plan. These have been modified in light of responses to that consultation, discussions with stakeholders, and other emerging evidence.

What you said:

  • Should include a reference to sustainable development, in line with the requirements of the NPPF
  • Should include a specific reference to housing
  • Be pro-active regarding economic growth
  • Prioritise climate change
  • A disconnect between the vision and the strategic objectives

The Vision sets out how we want to see the area grow and evolve up to 2050. It can be seen as a high-level ambition for South Warwickshire, including a set of overarching principles which sit at the heart of, and run throughout the South Warwickshire Local Plan. From this Vision flow the Strategic Objectives, the growth strategy, and the specific policies within the plan.

The main changes made to the Vision since the scoping consultation are:

  • Drawing out and making explicit the way that sustainable development sits at the heart of the plank
  • Increasing the emphasis on responding to the climate emergency
  • Rephrasing to make the Vision more people-focussed
  • Making clearer the role housing and jobs play as a key part of this Vision
  • Adding a fifth overarching principle regarding design and beauty

The vision is to meet South Warwickshire's sustainable development needs to 2050, while responding to the climate emergency. Where appropriate and agreed, this could include unmet need from neighbouring authorities. The plan will provide homes and jobs, boost and diversify the local economy, and provide appropriate infrastructure, in suitable locations, at the right time. Five overarching principles will determine how this development is delivered:

  • A climate resilient and Net Zero Carbon South Warwickshire – adapting to the effects of climate change and mitigating against its causes, while avoiding any further damage that might arise from development
  • A well-designed and beautiful South Warwickshire – creating spaces where people want to be, which respect and reflect the existing beauty and heritage of the area
  • A healthy, safe and inclusive South Warwickshire – enabling everyone to enjoy safe and healthy lifestyles with a good quality of life
  • A well-connected South Warwickshire – ensuring that development is physically and digitally connected, provided in accessible locations, and promotes active travel
  • A biodiverse and environmentally resilient South Warwickshire – strengthening green and blue infrastructure and achieving a net increase in biodiversity across South Warwickshire

Issue V2: Vision for Places

The Scoping Consultation suggested including visions for individual places.

What you said:

  • 25% agreed with the approach suggested
  • Visions for places seen as the remit of Neighbourhood Development Plans, rather than a Local Plan
  • Suggestions made for individual places, or types of places, that should or should not have visions for places
  • Suggestions for the content of visions for places

In a change from the position set out in the Scoping Consultation, it is now suggested that the SWLP will not include "Visions for Places" as part of the overall Vision. There are two principal reasons for this decision.

1) Certain elements of the local plan can be seen as forming a hierarchy. The content of the overall Vision determines the Strategic Objectives; the content of the Strategic Objectives then determines the Growth Strategy and policies. The Growth Strategy would then determine how much development will be directed to an individual place – and only when this is known could a Vision for that place be written. This means that the Vision for Places does not fit with the overall Vision in the hierarchy.

2) It is considered that Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) are the most appropriate place for Visions for Places to be determined. NDPs offer the best opportunity for Visions for Places to reflect the needs and wishes of the local community. NDPs must accord with the adopted Local Plan, so these would by necessity fit with the chosen Growth Strategy. Even so, if two different documents each contained a Vision for a single place, there is potential for disparity and confusion.

The SWLP and associated documents will of course still play a role in determining how individual places evolve to 2050. This may be in the form of Area Action Plans, development briefs, and masterplans.

Figure 6 – Suggested location for Visions for Places within the Development Plan

Development Plan. SWLP Part 1: Vision > Strategic Objectives > Growth Strategy, Strategic Policies. > SWLP Part 2: Detailed policies - in one or more Development Plan Documents (DPDs), Area Action Plans (AAPs) > Neighbourhood Development Plans (NPDs)  - Vision for places.  > Development Briefs and Masterplans, Design Codes, Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs).

NB further detail on the content of Part 1 and Part 2 plans can be found in the chapter "Plan Content".

Issue V3: Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Objectives aim to provide a greater level of detail as to how the Vision will be delivered in South Warwickshire.

What you said:

  • 53% agreed with the strategic objectives as presented
  • Some responses suggested prioritising certain objectives over others, especially delivering homes, and climate change
  • Suggestions for the content of individual objectives
  • Clearer links needed between the vision and objectives

Since the Scoping Consultation, the main change is that the Strategic Objectives have been re-ordered, to make it clearer how these flow from the Vision. A further objective relating to the heritage assets in South Warwickshire has been added, where before this was presented as part of an environmentally-focussed objective.

Meeting South Warwickshire's Sustainable Development Needs

  • Supporting vibrant and distinct centres
    Responding to the changing roles of town centres given the growth in internet shopping, and in the context of emerging from the COVID pandemic.
  • Providing infrastructure in the right place at the right time
    Ensuring that the infrastructure needed to support the growth in new homes and jobs is secured through new development, and is provided when people need it
  • Developing opportunities for jobs
    Accommodating the growth in employment opportunities that build upon our strong and diverse economy, including innovative industries and technologies, embracing the potential of the green economy.
  • Delivering homes that meet the needs of all our communities
    Allowing for the growth in new homes that meet the diverse needs of all our residents, including affordable, student, specialist and self and custom build housing, along with the accommodation needs of our gypsy and traveller and travelling showpeople communities.

A resilient and Net Zero Carbon South Warwickshire

  • Contributing towards Net Zero Carbon targets
    Ensuring that new development does not cause a net increase in carbon emissions, that new developments are resilient to a changing climate, and that every opportunity is taken to reduce existing carbon emissions and mitigate against climate harms.

A well-designed and beautiful South Warwickshire

  • Creating attractive places
    Focusing on the design of new development to create great places, spaces and buildings that are of a high quality and cater for the needs of all users and which respect the setting of our many settlements.
  • Protecting and enhancing our heritage and cultural assets
    Protecting the wealth of heritage and cultural assets in South Warwickshire, and where possible enhancing access and public understanding of these assets
  • Enriching the tourism potential
    Enriching the quality of the visitor experience through the wealth of cultural, heritage and countryside assets that the area has to offer.

A healthy, safe and inclusive South Warwickshire

  • Improving the health, safety and quality of life of our communities
    Creating healthy places for all sections of the community, which contribute to physical and mental wellbeing, combat loneliness and isolation, lower levels of pollution, and are free of crime and the fear of crime.

A well-connected South Warwickshire

  • Connecting people to places
    Increasing and improving access to sustainable and active travel options that connect people to centres, jobs, education, cultural facilities, green spaces and the countryside.

A biodiverse and environmentally resilient South Warwickshire

  • Protecting and enhancing our environmental assets
    Protecting what already exists and maximising opportunities for enhancement including improvements to the green space network through tree planting and other biodiversity initiatives.

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